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Authors: Kai Yang, Ming Li Jiao
Chapter 7: Functional Materials
Abstract:Thermal manikin is a system of simulating figures and heat states of human body. Present thermal manikin is always enclosed by hard...
Authors: Kui Lin Deng, Shu Liang Wang, Qian Li, Hong Cheng, Peng Fei Zhang, Ting Gao, Chun Yuan Huang, Chun Xiu Li
Chapter 7: Functional Materials
Abstract:In this study, a pH/temperature sensitive polymeric hydrogel from poly(N-acryloylglycine) and natural chitosan (PNAG-CS) was prepared via the...
Authors: Feng Hong Li, Yong Sun, San Xi Li, Shao Jun Ma
Chapter 7: Functional Materials
Abstract:A series of acylated chitosan oligosaccharides (LCSOs) were synthesized by reacting chitosan oligosaccharide (CSO) with lauroyl chloride in...
Authors: Dong Mei Liu
Chapter 7: Functional Materials
Abstract:The influence of phosphorus slag used as mineral additive on properties of cementing material is studied in this article. The results show...
Authors: Xiu Qi Liu, He Qin Xing
Chapter 7: Functional Materials
Abstract:In our study, a new kind of NH4+ sewage water treatment composite was prepared by melt blending, with synthetic rubber...
Authors: Guo Wei Zhang, Zheng Chen, Wei Chen, Hai Ying Xin, Jing Zhai, An Zhen Guo, Li Ma, Gang Chen
Chapter 8: Material Processing Technology
Abstract:The Mg-9Al-3Zn-0.6Mn-xNd alloys, preformed with φ300mm size, has been prepared by spray forming technology under a protective atmosphere. The...
Authors: Xiao Juan Liu, Xin Bing Huang, Shu Qin Qiu
Chapter 8: Material Processing Technology
Abstract:A case study of typical mold parts, combining the Structure characteristics of the parts and considering various phenomena that may occur...
Authors: Long Bo Sheng, Ji Sheng Ma, He Yang Sun, Shou Qiang Guan, Wei Zhao
Chapter 8: Material Processing Technology
Abstract:A certain new type of tracked vehicle has exposed the problem of insufficient braking force. Especially when tracked vehicle climbing the...
Authors: Hai Jun Xu, Yong Zhi Zhang, Hu Rong Duan
Chapter 8: Material Processing Technology
Abstract:In this paper, gravity anomaly in northeastern margin of Tibetan Plateau (90ºand 110º E, 28ºand 42º N) is computed using satellite gravity...
Authors: Sayed Mohamad Nikouei, Mohammad Ali Kouchakzadeh, R. Yousefi, M.A. Kadivar
Chapter 8: Material Processing Technology
Abstract:Prediction of shear plane angle is a way for prediction of the mechanism of chip formation, machining forces and so on. In this study,...
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