Materials and Computational Mechanics

Volumes 117-119

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xu Dong Zhou, Xiang Ru Liu

Abstract: The experimental design and implementation, as well as the fatigue life test of the steel C45 grooved axis warm surface rolling, have been...

Authors: Wei Wang, Chuan Qi Li, Shuai Wang

Abstract: Based on Simplified Bishop Slice Method and by applying LHS –MC method, risk analysis of slope instability in earth dams is presented. Based...

Authors: Xiu Li Han, Chang Cun Li, Li Na Liu, Ming Yan Yao, Xin Fu Liu

Abstract: The characteristics of the texture, dissemination grain size, mineral composition and content of the refractory hematite ore are researched...

Authors: Liang Liang Li, Yu Wen Sun

Abstract: Titanium alloys have been widely used in aerospace and manufacturing industry because of their unique high strength-weight ratio, fracture...

Authors: Hui Zhang, Ge Yan Fu, Tao Xu, Ai Qin Xu, Chen Wang

Abstract: The influence of static load and impact load in the same value of low stress on microstructure and micro-strain of T10 steel specimens is...

Authors: Zheng Hua Meng, Wei Guo, Xue Bing Wei

Abstract: The influence of different materials on the formability of plastic injection molding has been studied in current work. The automotive glove...

Authors: Jian She Zhang, Di Hong Li, Dong Xing Zhang, Ye Tian, Hai Ying Xiao, Jin Jia

Abstract: Edgewise compressive elastic modulus, side tensile elastic modulus and poisson’s ratio model of ripple structure sandwich composites were...

Authors: E. Hsung Cheng, Ming Jer Lin, Tung Lin Tsai, Nan Ming Yeh

Abstract: A dental implant is an artificial tooth root replacement. The making of titanium alloy dental implants requires a combination of processes...

Authors: Ling Yun Zhang, Jun Lei Xiao, Chang Qing Li

Abstract: The forming connection and uniaxial tensile processes of flareless tube fittings with 10mm outside diameter were simulated by using Abaqus...

Authors: Kangsadarn Wicheansin, Ratana Indranupakorn

Abstract: The microencapsulation of cajuput oil by spray drying was investigated with respect to the effects of two kinds of matrices (gum arabic and...


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