Materials and Computational Mechanics

Volumes 117-119

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jin Hong Ma, Hui Li

Abstract: Based on commercial FE software of DEFORM-3D,the recrystallization in the rolling process of H-Beam is simulated, the factors affect the...

Authors: Fernando Vegas, Camilla Mileto, Salvador Ivorra, Fco. Javier Baeza

Abstract: Gypsum, relegated in contemporaneous architecture to a secondary, auxiliary or decorative role, has been traditionally employed in some...

Authors: Hai Feng Chen, Jian Hua Zhu, Ye Zhen Sun, Miao Gen Qian

Abstract: This resistance by tests to simulate the sputtering thickness distribution and the relative value, we try to reduce the degree of uneven...

Authors: Yong Ni, Chen Chen, Zhen Xu, Fang Wang

Abstract: With the rapid development of the national economy, increasing national income, increasing total vehicle population, the growing problem of...

Authors: Li Xu, Gui Xue Bian, Jian Jun Hu

Abstract: The objective of this work was to evaluate life prediction methodologies involving fretting fatigue of TA15 materials with advanced surface...

Authors: Qing Luo, Xin Ping Li, Ye Liu, Jun Hua Liu

Abstract: Mechanical pulping is a kind of high yield pulping that comes with the comprehensive utilization of plant material. Mechanical pulp has lots...

Authors: Zhang Mu Miao, Ting Miao, Fu Xiang Qiu, Shu Wei Leng, Li Na Niu

Abstract: The design and fabrication of offshore structure depend on material science and solid mechanics, such as steel processing technology and...

Authors: Atanu Das, Partha Pratim Saha, Santanu Das

Abstract: Shaping Burrs are produced at the edge of a workpiece when a cutter exits it. It causes difficulties in manufacturing and assembly stages....

Authors: Yong Gang Yang, Qiao Zhuo Gao, Fu Ping Liu

Abstract: In order to know the application of bentonite in color ink-jet paper, an acid bentonite was prepared by modifying with sulphuric acid. Both...

Authors: Zhen Kai Zhao, Yan Pei Song, Zhi Ming Feng

Abstract: The mathematical physical model of the unmelted WC particle distribution in the centrifugal force field was established in cylindrical...


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