Materials and Computational Mechanics

Volumes 117-119

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ai Hui Luo, Wen Jiao Dan, Wei Gang Zhang

Abstract: In this study,tensional mechanical properties of sheet metal with different heating-lines after laser forming are investigated. The basic...

Authors: He Yang Sun, Ji Sheng Ma, Long Bo Sheng, Wei Li, Da Lin Wu

Abstract: A coupled constitutive model of viscoplasticity and ductile damage for penetration problems has been deduced. The model proposed by Lemaitre...

Authors: Yao Ji, Xin Tang Wang, Ming Zhou, Hong Liang Sun

Abstract: To study the fire performance of the profiled sheet-light aggregate concrete composite floor subjected to fire load, study of fire response...

Authors: Jin Ming Zhou, Volodymr Bushlya, Ru Lin Peng, Jan Eric Stahl

Abstract: There is considerable industrial significance to understand the nature of subsurface deformation under the machined surface for correct...

Authors: Fu Xiao Chen, Xiang Zhen Chen, Fu Tao Sun

Abstract: To study the superplasticity of AZ31B magnesium alloy, hot compression tests were performed in forming temperature range from 280°C to 440°C...

Authors: Seksan Chaijit, Shigeru Nagasawa

Abstract: This study aims to clarify the breaking behavior during wedge shearing process of an aluminum worksheet that stacked on to an underlay...

Authors: Hai Hong Zhan, Jian Min Zeng, Ping Chen, Zhuo Yi Lin

Abstract: A new porous nozzles for refining molten aluminum were made from mullite,graphite powder, red mud and sodium silicate. The relationships...

Authors: Fan Li, Hai Long Yi, Zhen Yu Liu, Guo Dong Wang

Abstract: A Q550 high strength steel was selected at two different cooling rates through ultra-fast cooling process, and its microstructures and...

Authors: Xiao Hong Zhang, Guo Fu Yin

Abstract: Propose the grey relation theory for influence of electric milling on machining targets in achieving parameter optimization, when an engine...

Authors: Jian Sheng Xia

Abstract: Based on the soft of FLOW3D, the numerical simulation was study the effect of runner-reduction ratio on the dispersing uniformity of added...


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