Materials and Computational Mechanics

Volumes 117-119

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yong Shun Yang, Tian Tian Yin, Ke Feng

Abstract: In the paper, the Deform-3D software was used to simulate the mechanism of metal flow behaviour under the influence of different friction in...

Authors: Jun Qi Wang

Abstract: Deeply buried tunnels usually lie in high stress fields, whose horizontal stress which is not uniform is far larger than vertical stress,...

Authors: Shu Juan Li, Jie Zhang, Bo Wan, Yan Li

Abstract: Wire saw has a unique benefit in cutting precious material like SiC, Si monocrystal and gem etc since the cutting force is small, and the...

Authors: Ji Bin Zhao, Xiu Li Li

Abstract: The registering precision is one of the most important specifications in printing press. Many factors that may influence the registering...

Authors: Jun Ping Yao, Zhong Sun

Abstract: The technological parameters determine the metal pool profile and the grain size and orientation in the electroslag remelting process, and...

Authors: Yu Xue Sun, Chun Xue Jiao, He Fu

Abstract: Through simulation experiment of CO2 invading into drilling fluids that viscosity and yield point are increased dramatically and...

Authors: Yu Xue Sun, Jian Bo Xie, Jing Yuan Zhao

Abstract: The geological structure is very complex in Haita Basin, due to the difficult drilling, sidewall instability phenomena happened frequently...

Authors: Wei Jun Yang, Yong Da Yang, Yi Yang

Abstract: In this presented work, by freeze-thaw test for three groups of shale ceramsite concrete with different mix proportion, the experimental...

Authors: Sheng Jun Xue, Wu Bin Pan, Wei Fang

Abstract: With the cloud computing is becoming mature, many of its characteristics for meteorological data processing is extremely important. Since...

Authors: Yun Long Ai, Li Liu, Wen He, Bing Liang Liang, Ji Lin Xu

Abstract: Primeval TC4 titanium alloy was subjected to solution treatment at 1150°C for 1h, followed by water quenching, oil quenching, air cooling...


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