Materials and Computational Mechanics

Volumes 117-119

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ze Liu, Jian Min Zeng, Hai Hong Zhan

Abstract: High-entropy alloy of NiCoCrFeMnCuC were made by vacuum non-consumable arc furnace in the present work. The crystal structure of...

Authors: Hai Peng Yang, Bing Bai, Qing Ke Nie

Abstract: In the longer period under the effect of changing load, pile-soil interface properties will be soften. Therefore it will reduce the...

Authors: Hong Lu, Hong Sheng Li, Lin Chai, Shu Min Fei, Guang Yun Liu

Abstract: A new approach is proposed to detect and track the moving object. The affine motion model and the non-parameter distribution model are...

Authors: Mohd Faizal Mohideen, Shaharin Anwar Sulaiman, Vijay Raj Raghavan

Abstract: This paper presents the hydrodynamics of chopped oil palm fronds (OPF) from cold flow experiments carried out in a swirling fluidized bed...

Authors: Chang Bo Ke, Bao Zhong Xie

Abstract: The effect of initia gamma prime particle size on coarsening kinetics of gamma prime precipitates in Nickel-based superalloys has been...

Authors: Gang Yao Zhao, Rang Yang Zhang, Yu Li Liu, Zheng Hua Guo, Ping Fang

Abstract: To obtain the cross-sectional distortion of thin-walled rectangular tube in rotary draw bending process accurately, a new method to exactly...

Authors: Yu Cai Chen, Xi Wang, Li Bing Liu, Dong Ting Liao, Fei Wu

Abstract: This paper introduces a kind of electric hot milling method for T10A tool steel and analyses its feasibility. Collect temperature signals...

Authors: Feng Yuan Wang, Chuan Yuan Wang, Peng Guo, Qi Cao

Abstract: According to the project requirements, U-shaped compartment was designed and analysed based on soil mechanics principle. The finite element...

Authors: Song Mei Yuan, He Lei Zhang

Abstract: A new method for vibration control of aeronautical thin-walled workpiece in high-speed milling progress using a dynamic vibration absorber...

Authors: Xin Tang Wang, Ming Zhou, Ping Xin Sun

Abstract: To study the post-fire behavior of the profiled sheet-ceramsite concrete composite floor after exposure to fire load, experimental research...


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