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Authors: Xiu Qi Liu, He Qin Xing
Chapter 7: Functional Materials
Abstract:In our study, a new kind of material for machine oil adsorption was prepared by melt blending with EPDM as the matrix and modified fly ash as...
Authors: Hai Li Yang, Guo Zhang Tang, Yun Gang Li, Ning He, Yu Zhu Zhang
Chapter 7: Functional Materials
Abstract:Boronized layer on silicon steel substrate was fabricated using pulse electrodeposition technique with different duty cycle in...
Authors: Qing Ling Wang, Ying Mo Hu, Jing Bian
Chapter 7: Functional Materials
Abstract:A convenient method to synthesize starch/lactic acid copolymer was studied in this work. The lactic acid grafting starch copolymer was...
Authors: Ning Liao, Hong Zhi Cui
Chapter 7: Functional Materials
Abstract:This research is one part of preliminary work for integrated structural-functional energy storage concrete by using porous artificial...
Authors: Guan Jun Chang, Yi Xu, Hong Ju Hu, Li Dong Wei, Shang Fei Sun, Hai Yan Sun, Chang Liu, Ye Wei Xu, Xuan Luo, Fang Hua Zhu, Lin Zhang, Run Xiong Lin
Chapter 7: Functional Materials
Abstract:Based on different aromatic dibromides and diamines, using Material Studio software and molecular simulation method, Poly(imino ketone)...
Authors: Xing Rui Li, Xin Wei Shi, Ning Yao, Xin Chang Wang
Chapter 7: Functional Materials
Abstract:Nano-crystalline diamond (NCD) films with good adhesion were deposited on flexible copper substrate with Ni interlayer by Microwave Plasma...
Authors: Shih Hsien Chang, Shih Chin Lee, Kuo Tsung Huang, Cheng Liang
Chapter 7: Functional Materials
Abstract:The aim of this study is to explore alloy 718 that treated at an optimal HIP process, and then imposed various solid-solution temperatures...
Authors: Qiang Su, Jian Wei Guo, Chu Fen Yang, Ying De Cui
Chapter 7: Functional Materials
Abstract:A facile method for the synthesis of N-{2-[4-(2-pyrimidinyl)-1-piperazinyl]ethyl} adamantane-1-carboxamide(Adatanserin) was developed by...
Authors: Xian Ju Zhou, Tong Hui Zhou, Ying Mao Li, Qiao Chun Feng
Chapter 7: Functional Materials
Abstract:A series of LiY(WO 4)(MoO 4):Eu 3+ red phosphors have been synthesized by solid state reactions at high...
Authors: Jian Bing Chen, Qiang Guo
Chapter 7: Functional Materials
Abstract:SPEEK can be dispersed in water as well as WPU, so the coating for SPEEK/WPU can be obtained in the water, and its films were investigated on...
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