Materials and Computational Mechanics

Volumes 117-119

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Heng Jin Zhang, Ke Fu Liu, Wei Dong Miao

Abstract: Experiment investigation of mechanical, physical, and biological properties on a dental precious alloy was performed. The density of the...

Authors: Qian Yang, Yan Ping Kong, Jin Xi Liu

Abstract: This work is concerned with the dispersion characteristics of Love waves propagating in a layered structure consisting of an anisotropic...

Authors: Bi Wu Huang, Ming Yi Chen

Abstract: Stereolithography technique is dealt with the techniques of machinery, laser, numeral control, computer software and photosensitive resins,...

Authors: Zhao Yang Xu

Abstract: The short term tensile creep behaviors of polypropylene (PP) packaging belt under different stresses levels were studied through tensile...

Authors: Wei Jun Yang, Yu Shuang Ni, Ning Jiang

Abstract: Abstract. Based on the newly developed homogenization theory of masonry, homogenization model of masonry is built in this paper. And a...

Authors: Ming Li Jiao, Kai Yang, Wang Xi Zhang

Abstract: Mechanical properties have close relation with microstructure. Based on orientation of the molecule chain in fiber, they show a rapid...

Authors: Hao Hao Jiang

Abstract: Slope protection with vegetation is a new technology which is using vegetation to preserve water and soil, so reduce slope instability and...

Authors: Duo Qiang Liang, Feng Qin, Xu Guang Li, Ji Bo Jiang

Abstract: It is of great importance to innocuity, minimization and reutilization of manganese slag generated in manganese product by electric furnace...

Authors: Xia Hong Zhang, Chao Li, Ying Fei Wang, Sheng Nian Wang

Abstract: A novel Shrinkage reducing admixture (SHSRA) has been developed. Several tests including the workability , drying shrinkage,the hydration...

Authors: Liang Zeng, Toru Kimura, Satoshi Hino, Hiroki Miyaoka, Takayuki Ichikawa, Yoshitsugu Kojima

Abstract: Hydrogen desorption temperature of MgH2, which was milled with 20 pieces of ZrO2 balls for 20 h, was decreased to 240...


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