Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science II

Volumes 121-126

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Wen Wang, Dan Dan Xu

Abstract: In this study, a simple model that describes frost formation over ground aircraft surfaces is presented. The model uses the data of the...

Authors: Xin Yan Cao, Hong Fei Liu

Abstract: Skin color detection is a hot research of computer vision, pattern identification and human-computer interaction. Skin region is one of the...

Authors: Jian Wang

Abstract: This paper has proposed a remote water quality monitoring system based on ZigBee. The core of this system is the ZigBee wireless sensor...

Authors: Xue Xia Zhang, Chan Li, Xiao Chao Cui, Wen Bin Zhao

Abstract: The Stress field of collinear periodic cracks in an infinite orthotropic composite plate subjected to the concentrated force is studied. The...

Authors: Yun Feng Zhu

Abstract: This paper proves the feasibility of Rhino, a computer aided design software, in modeling design of sprinklers, through an analysis in the...

Authors: Bang Chun Wen, Xiao Peng Li, Zong Yan Wang

Abstract: The product design theory and methods based on “the Scientific Outlook on Development” have been set up by our group in recent 10 years, The...

Authors: Xue Tong Wang, Yao Xu, Feng Gao, Jing Yi Bai

Abstract: Feature points can be used to match images. Candidate feature points are extracted through SIFT firstly. Then feature points are selected...

Authors: Xiu Hua Zhang, Fu Jun Ren, Yong Cheng Jiang

Abstract: BP network is the most widely used of the neural net work model, but there are many problems of slow convergence speed and easily getting...

Authors: Yu Ran Liu, Ming Liang Hou

Abstract: Texture and edge information are equally important to identification of most of natural images. To the problem of the existing integer order...

Authors: Lei Zhang, Qing Lin Meng, Jin Li

Abstract: As stadiums have high energy consumption in architectural lighting and air conditioning, how to make full use of natural lighting and...


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