Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science II

Volumes 121-126

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Liang Liang Wang, Zhi Yong Li, Ji Xiang Sun

Abstract: The local linear embedding algorithm(LLE) is applied into the anomaly detection algorithm on the basis of the feature analysis of the...

Authors: Qiong Li, Qing Lin Meng, Li Hua Zhao

Abstract: In this work, a field survey is performed in 309 residential building clusters in South China to obtain the basic characters of urban...

Authors: Rui Bo Hu, Jing Yuan Li, Li Yan Chen, Ren Ping Xu, Kun Qian Wang, Xing Ran Mao

Abstract: For making the conceptual design process optimization, achieve its various function demand, and confirm the optimal proposal. Contra pose...

Authors: Ting Zhang, Jian Shi

Abstract: Not all of the measurement data of IC (Integrated Circuit) reference material are valid, so some work would be do to eliminate the null and...

Authors: Wen Hua Li, Xi An Wang, Zhen Ku Wang, Jing Cheng Liu

Abstract: The necessity on construction for practical teaching base on campus for petroleum engineering is described from such three aspects as...

Authors: Yau Bin Yang, Min Der Wu, Yu Choung Chang

Abstract: The energy usage of building has occupied the large portion of total energy consumption. It is important to develop the building energy...

Authors: Yuan Gao, Zi Li Deng

Abstract: By the CI (Covariance Intersection) fusion algorithm, based on the ARMA innovation model, the two-sensor CI fusion Kalman estimators are...

Authors: Hao Lin Gu, Wei Wei Shan, Yun Fan Yu, Yin Chao Lu

Abstract: A low power 32-bit microcontroller using different kinds of low-power techniques to adapt to the dynamically changing performance demands...

Authors: Jian Feng Ren, Li Na Guo

Abstract: With the changes of learning psychology and information technology, CSCL tools should also keep up with the times and meet the growing needs...

Authors: Hong Jun Zhang, Lu Wen Jun, Li Biao Tong

Abstract: Flight control system (FCS) is the command center for the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). A low-cost, high-precision micro-UAV attitude...


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