Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science II

Volumes 121-126

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shu Min Feng

Abstract: Terminal cutting machine is an automatic device that can realize automatic feeding, bending, cutting the middle carry, shearing. It can be...

Authors: Gong Fa Li, Si Qiang Xu, Guo Zhang Jiang, Po Gao, Jian Yi Kong, Liang Xi Xie

Abstract: According to the requirements and characteristics of air compressor control systems in the process of air separation, an intelligent control...

Authors: Zhao Xia Cui, Si Jia Guo, Jian Guo Qin, Tao Yang, Shou Quan Hou

Abstract: Railway plays an important role in transportation system in China or many other countries. In order to solve the problem of cleaning...

Authors: Hong Bing Xiao, Kang K. Yen, Chun Yu Bai, Su Xia Xing

Abstract: Automotive industry is being one of the major supporting forces for the economy of many countries. The requirement of higher standard on...

Authors: Xiao Yan Chen, Tao Pang

Abstract: In consideration of the interchangeability and interoperability of the sensors from different manufacturers, this paper proposes a scheme...

Authors: Ya Fu Zhou, Jing Lian, Xin Han Sun, Lin Hui Li

Abstract: It is important to detect the vehicle rear axle on-line during production process. To realize the quality detection of the rear axle,...

Authors: Gong Fa Li, Si Qiang Xu, Guo Zhang Jiang, Ze Hao Wu, Jian Yi Kong, Liang Xi Xie

Abstract: The ladle is an important equipment of the metallurgical industry. Distribution of thermomechanical stress in linings has an essential...

Authors: P.S Pa

Abstract: In this study, the design of the mechanism of a recycling system using composite electrochemical and chemical machining for removing the...

Authors: Yue Gang Tan, Liang Li

Abstract: A novel three joints underactuated manipulator has been proposed in this paper. Firstly, the structure features of the manipulator are...

Authors: Yu Qiang Qin, Xue Ying Zhang

Abstract: Ensemble empirical mode decomposition(EEMD) is a newly developed method aimed at eliminating mode mixing present in the original empirical...


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