Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science II

Volumes 121-126

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: You Jia Fu, Jian Wei Li, Ru Xi Xiang

Abstract: Focused on the facial feature points localization, the enhance ASM algorithm based on modeling texture by the DCT-SVM is proposed. First,...

Authors: Xiao Ting Han, Li Niu

Abstract: In order to cultivate engineering students to become not only professional but also mastering management theory and practice, ERP sand table...

Authors: Xiang Wei Wang, Hong Zhi Zhang, Xue Feng Wu, Yang Wang, Li Jun Yan

Abstract: Laser assisted milling (LAML) is a potential method for machining difficult-to-machine materials such as superalloys and ceramics, which...

Authors: Hui Zhang, Wen Qiang Li, Yan Li

Abstract: The current developed computer aided innovation software is mainly based on universal principle, and it is difficult in providing field...

Authors: Sen Kai Lu, Jian Huan Su, Shu De Liao, Jia Qiang Su, Bo Wang, Liang Yu, Yan Li Jiang, Shou Hong Wen

Abstract: On the basis of analyzing the typical operating conditions of a vehicle model, 3D model of the rear axle housing was formed by using the...

Authors: Li Lin Chen, Ying Ying Xia, Xiong Hai Wang

Abstract: The current city sewage system which lacks of global scheduling discharge function easily causes high energy cost and sewage overflow...

Authors: Nan Song

Abstract: One of the import functions of pen drawings for designs is to take our design ideas onto a piece of paper so that we can look at it in a...

Authors: Zheng Gong, Luis Diago, Ichiro Hagiwara

Abstract: This paper explains and demonstrates a novel method of photorealistic simulation of two natural atmospheric phenomena, namely Emei Glory and...

Authors: Zai Lin Yang, Hua Nan Xu

Abstract: The scattering of SH-waves by two scalene triangle hills and a semi-cylindrical canyon was surveyed here using the methods of wave function...

Authors: Jie Li, Wei Wei Shan, Chao Xuan Tian

Abstract: In order to evaluate the security of Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) implemented cryptographic algorithms at an early design...


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