Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science II

Volumes 121-126

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhi Jing Yu, Xiao Pan, Wei Tian

Abstract: The terrain in the virtual realistic environment will determine the scene generation level of realism. It has been a hot topic in computer...

Authors: Yu Ma, Yi Ming Fan

Abstract: This article analyzes the current phenomena of enterprise culture construction, and it points out the existing shortcomings as well as its...

Authors: Yan Hong Qin, Guang Xing Wei

Abstract: This paper analyzed the current state of logistics personnel and logistics requirements by analyzing a number of shortcomings in personnel...

Authors: Wei Wang, Jian Chao Jiao, Li Wei Tang, Tong Qiang Yang

Abstract: Acceleration sensors array can effectively measure 6-DOF high-frequency vibration parameters of many dimensions linear vibration and angular...

Authors: Xiang Wei Wang, Lei Qin, Yang Wang, Li Jun Yang

Abstract: A vibration simulation model of a dust-cast device for imitating the different environments has been established, and ADAMS has been used...

Authors: Ying Jiang Han, Zhi Yuan Chen

Abstract: According to the performance and features of AT89C55WD and CAN bus, a nod design method of alarming system for coal gas based on AT89C55WD...

Authors: Ying Chao Xu, Wen Zhang Zhu, Hong Yi Lin, Fei Bing Xiong

Abstract: High-power light emitting diode (LED) develops greatly owing to its energy efficiency, light mono-direction and long operating life. But it...

Authors: Ti Feng Jiao, Xu Hui Li, Qiu Rong Li, Jing Xin Zhou

Abstract: Some functional azobenzene derivatives with aromatic substituted groups have been synthesized and their photoisomerization have also been...

Authors: Kai Meng, Zi Long Zhao

Abstract: A preliminary study of optimal designing the curvilinear tapered coat-hanger die is conducted by the method of evolution strategy combined...

Authors: Si Zhu Zhou, Chao Li

Abstract: The optimization for petroleum high pressure wellhead gate valve stem is significant. Valve stem load calculation method is developed, and...


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