Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science II

Volumes 121-126

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hong Cheng, Mei Ping Huang, Ying Sheng Su, Xian Yu Wang

Abstract: This paper reports the results of an experimental study of playing a simple 2×2 non-zero sum game with asymmetrical payoff function....

Authors: Zhen Po Wang, Sheng Jie Shi, Yue Wang, Xiao Hui Sun

Abstract: With energy and environmental issues outstanding, electric vehicles have got much room for developments, which also brings a lot of security...

Authors: Feng Bo Yu

Abstract: Medium is a way to express idea and convey information. It’s the most important tool to spread information and exchange idea as well as...

Authors: Yong Chang Guo, Li Juan Li, Zhi Hong Xie, Jiang Zhu, Jian He Xie

Abstract: The “Whole Process” experimental model of experimental teaching was proposed in this paper to solve the problems in experiment curriculum of...

Authors: Yu Xian Zhang, Li Fu Wang, Fang Yao

Abstract: The characteristics of stress distribution in high-pressure vessel are analyzed at first. Then the formula of inner pressure is derived....

Authors: Zhi Yuan Chen, Gang Luo, Zhi Gen Fei

Abstract: The image segmentation technology has been extensively applied in many fields. As the foundation of image identification, the effective...

Authors: Yuan Yuan Liu, Qing Wei Li, Qing Xi Hu, Chang Juan Jing, Qiang Gao Wang

Abstract: Macro charged jet molding combines with Rapid Prototyping and electrospinning together, it solved the problem of insufficient forming...

Authors: Wen Long Zhang, Xiao Hui Liu, De Ming Liu

Abstract: The natatorium arena as a regular competitions and a swimming fitness place makes the formation of its users’ visual sensory to correspond...

Authors: Bang Chun Wen, Xiao Peng Li, Gui Qiu Song, Zong Yan Wang

Abstract: The A new design method of the products named “Systematize Design” has been advanced in this paper. From the view of the point of the system...

Authors: Cheng Lian Liu, Yong Ning Guo

Abstract: In the above paper a conception has been proposed which is a variant of the ElGamal-type digital signature. It considers the problem of...


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