Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science II

Volumes 121-126

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Gang Luo, Zhi Yuan Chen, Zhi Gen Fei

Abstract: In order to meet the high-precision measurement requirement of tested objects with tiny dimension and complex shape, a miniature...

Authors: Wei Jiang, Yun Liu, Peng Fei Xu, Ning Li, Si Yuan Zhao

Abstract: The transformer is the hard core of the switch phase-sensitive circuit of the equipment. According to the basic failure rate model and...

Authors: Jun Bi, Jie Zhang, Wen Le Xu

Abstract: The shortest path between the start node and end node plays an important role in city’s road traffic network analysis system. The basic ant...

Authors: Lin Mu, Hong Chao Yin

Abstract: Flue gas entrains a large number of ash particles which are composed of alkali substances into the heat recovery steam generator (HRSG). The...

Authors: Bing Zheng, Yi Cong Gao, Yun Wang

Abstract: In order to solve the multi-objective product-mix optimal problems oriented cloud manufacturing, SPEA2+ is used to realize the outside...

Authors: Keartisak Sriprateep, Sudsakorn Inthidech, Sarawut Singto, Puttipong Patumchat

Abstract: The Taguchi method is used to find the optimal cutting parameters when drilling metal matrix composites (MMCs) with a polycrystalline...

Authors: Lei Chen, Ming Ran Deng

Abstract: Aiming at the problem of process data update and working procedure model, the three-dimension CAPP (Computer Aided Process Planning) based...

Authors: Yu Min Jiao, Qiang Wang, Fan Tun Su

Abstract: Based on the analysis of the structure characteristics of high-speed wheel engineering equipment, a design method for virtual support...

Authors: Hao Yang, Xi Bin Wang, Wen Hao Zhou, Yue Ding, Ze Ping Fang

Abstract: As the oil pressure of tank engine’s common-rail system is as high as 180MPa, it could bring a grate challenge to the oil con-rail’s seal...

Authors: Na Bai, Rui Xing Li, Zhan Li Gong, Shou Biao Tan

Abstract: Simulation results illustrate that there is an optimum-energy supply voltage point (Vopt) for SoC. And these voltage points normally lie in...


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