Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science II

Volumes 121-126

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Guo Quan Liu, Simon X. Yang

Abstract: The issue of asymptotic stability is discussed for generalized neutral-type neural networks with time-varying delays. A new stability...

Authors: Hong Xia Pan, Ying Ying Zhang

Abstract: In this paper the principle of adaptive filter and various least mean square (LMS) adaptive filter algorithm is studied, based on the...

Authors: Yong Qin Wang, Li Li, Yuan Xin Luo, Xing Chun Yan

Abstract: Flying shear machine is widely used in continuous rolling mill production line, and its performance is largely depended on the transmission...

Authors: Wan Peng Huang, Shi Zhong Lu, Liang Wang, Sha Huang

Abstract: The temperature and humidity in the laboratory are major factors that affect the accuracy of the similar material simulation test. This...

Authors: Hua Xu, Guo An Zhong, Qing Ming Wen, Zeng Ping Hai

Abstract: The paper introduces the running and the gnaw rail of the bridge crane and analyses the judgment and the reason of the gnaw rail. The...

Authors: Xi Jing Zhao, Jun Min Lu, Rui Luo

Abstract: This paper builds the design platform for the shield hydraulic support with variable parameters.The platform characterizes the following...

Authors: Guang Peng Qin, Zhi Jie Wen, An Min Li, Zhu Wu Zhu, Peng Peng Sun

Abstract: Mining with filling technology is not only an important part of green mining but also the ideal methods to solve the environmental issues in...

Authors: Li Ye Zhao, Hong Sheng Li

Abstract: Combined with the system state equation and the measurement equation, a new method of cascade Kalman filter is proposed and applied to the...

Authors: Gui Zhen Liu, Ting Liu, Yang Liu, Bang Chun Wen

Abstract: The crawling robot can carry the detector set to inspect the mast or the rope, this paper introduced the robot’s composition and the...

Authors: Ke Yan Tang, Li Hua Zhou, Li Song

Abstract: The high-speed milling process has been widely used for manufacturing the aeronautical aluminum alloys. And it is quite important to choose...


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