Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science II

Volumes 121-126

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hitoshi Takagi, Takanobu Miyazaki, Junji Tamatani

Abstract: The recycling of grinding swarf which is a typical industrial waste discharged from machining facilities for ball and/or roller bearings is...

Authors: Guang Ji Tong, Cun Gui Li

Abstract: Balance development of urban and rural industries has become important foundation and momentum of forming a new pattern that integrates...

Authors: Xu Dong Shi, Shou Wen Shi, Jian Li Li

Abstract: A new holding-lifting autosteer mechanism (HAM) is introduced which is fit for aircraft taxi-mover. The relation between the Multi-bar...

Authors: Dyi Cheng Chen, Ming Ren Chen, Fung Ling Nian

Abstract: In recent years, the style of 3C products demanded thin and small results due to gradual trends, though most of the industry is forming a...

Authors: Yuan Xin Luo, Yong Qin Wang, Xing Chun Yan, Jun Liu

Abstract: Dynamics performance of the bearing and the reliability are largely depended on its clearance. The clearance of the bearing is determined by...

Authors: Ke Gao Liu, Zhi Hao Jiang, Jing Li

Abstract: The mechanical properties of the nodular cast iron treated by troostite heat treatment were investigated, which technologies are...

Authors: Xin Wang, Xue Xia Liu, Xu Yang Cao, Feng Zhou, Yang Zhou, Di Wu

Abstract: By reasonable assumption and considering the friction, contact, preload intensity, load eccentricity, bolt bending, and other nonlinear...

Authors: Hao Ni, Fan Xiao

Abstract: This article analyses the lacking of bilingual teaching of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, and proposes solutions to these lacking.

Authors: Hai Ning Li, Shu Dong Sun, Ying Feng Zhang

Abstract: Typical challenges that manufacturing enterprises are facing now are compounded by lack of timely, accurate, and consistent information of...

Authors: Hai Zhong Tan

Abstract: The rule set which is acquired based on rough set theory can be classified into two categories: deterministic rules and probabilistic rules....


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