Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science II

Volumes 121-126

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiang Juan Bian, You Ping Gong

Abstract: Hydraulic moving system has been extensively applied in small type of loader and other engineering vehicles do to its special superority,...

Authors: Shu Fan Liu, Fei Long Chen, An Sheng Chung

Abstract: To decrease cost, semiconductor manufacturing companies always aim for yield enhancement. The analysis of Wafer Bin Maps (WBMs) is important...

Authors: Liang Tu Chen, Tsui Ping Wu

Abstract: In this study, we propose the production and marketing planning of decentralized supply chain with capacitated constraint in a...

Authors: Guang Ji Tong, Wei Wang

Abstract: Because of the different influencing factors, the defective market of regional brand would be contrary to Akerlof adverse selection model,...

Authors: Qian Qian Chen, Xiu Ting Wei, Jiang Hai Lin, Gang Li

Abstract: In order to implement the surface painting automation of irregular components of reproducing cartridge, a painting robot manipulator with...

Authors: Shi Lei Zhang, Shao Feng Chen, Huan Ding Wang, Wei Wang

Abstract: Based on the artificial neural network, the parameters of a steel truss are identified. And the finite element model of truss is corrected....

Authors: Qing Ming Chang, Yin Kai Yang, Xia Chen, Chang Jun Chen, Si Qian Bao

Abstract: In this research work, ProCAST software is employed to study the sand casting process of a box-type part for wind turbine. The casting part...

Authors: Kang Min Zhong, Ying Hua Xiao, Ming Di Wang

Abstract: When adopting the air-liquid and air-liquid-mechanical composite transmission technology, the comparative advantages of various transmission...

Authors: Teng Gang Xu

Abstract: Ergonomics is the study of the job, equipment and workplace in order to make them suitable and convenient to the workers. At an appliance...

Authors: Zhen Shuan Zhang, Yu Deng, Shi Feng Fu

Abstract: In this paper, some technologys are measured and studied with good applicability and reliability,such as static loading test technology,in...


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