Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science II

Volumes 121-126

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Peng Wan, Jun Jie Guo, Pei Lin Wu, Zhi Gen Fei

Abstract: 3D scanning probe is a kind of measuring instrument that is an indispensable part of Gear Measuring Center. It’s used for obtaining...

Authors: Liang Ge, Ling Cai

Abstract: Based on 3D design software and taking the design of automobile driver seat for instance, this paper studies the secondary development...

Authors: Tian Qiu, Xiang Zhu

Abstract: It is of importance to analyze relations between Hawkins' T2H statistic and process variables mean and variance. The formula of T2H...

Authors: Yu Ran Liu, Ming Liang Hou

Abstract: By comparing and analyzing various orders coefficient curves of fractional order, this article studies the influence of order to the...

Authors: Chang Rong Liao, J.H. Hao, D.X. Zhao, K.L. Wang

Abstract: The flow differential equation for Magneto-rheological (MR) fluids in annular channels of MR fluid shock absorber is set up and several...

Authors: Gu Jun Yan

Abstract: with the deepening of opening up, overseas capital operation has become an inevitable choice for Chinese enterprises, and also an important...

Authors: Jun Shan Si, Hong Shi, Xian Jiang Shi

Abstract: This paper presents a practical method for engineering test on the base of mechanical eccentricity principle, and a new vibration test...

Authors: Cheng Ye Zhang, Run Hua Tan, Guo Zhong Cao

Abstract: Functional design is an important method for problem-solving and high-level innovation, and function innovation is the front end of...

Authors: Xian Jiang Shi, Han Sun, Wen Si, Jin Zhi Han

Abstract: Aiming at questions of accurate detection of experimental installation’s angle is difficulty like rotating platform, which designs the angle...

Authors: Yan Shang, Hong Sheng Ding, Chun Yan Wang, Long Jiang Su, Yu Can Zhao

Abstract: In order to improve the automatic level of teaching management in experiment and training base, a teaching management system is designed and...


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