Measuring Technology and Mechatronics Automation IV

Volumes 128-129

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Man Lan Liu, Tian Da Yu, Shu Mei Cui, David He

Abstract: Electromagnetic exciting force is the key to generate electromagnetic noise. The characteristics of electromagnetic exciting force and the...

Authors: Xin Zhong, Chi Hang Zhao, Jie He

Abstract: Box-Jenkins method of time series in modeling the signal of quartz flex accelerometer is studied in the paper. Firstly, a JSD-I/A quartz...

Authors: Xiao Ning Jing, Xiao Jiu Li

Abstract: This paper describes the concept of reverse engineering and the workflow of reverse modeling software — imageware. Using the powerful...

Authors: Mei Wang, Ge Shi Tang, Xin Min Luo, Lue Chen, Lei Liu

Abstract: In this paper, firstly, we discuss the specific processing algorithm of wide-band VLBI signal,which can be used in astronomy and geodesy. We...

Authors: Jian Bin Xue, Song Bai Li, Ting Zhang, Wen Hua Wang

Abstract: To overcome the flaw of energy efficiency drop in broad band wireless communication with the short time sleep, the energy-saving mechanism...

Authors: Ming Lu Zhang, Yi Ren Yang, Zhi Yong Lu

Abstract: A study of flow and frequency characteristics of the leading-edge vortices over a delta wing undergoing pitching up-stop motions is...

Authors: Yuan Chang, Chun Wen Li, Yi Hao

Abstract: This paper studies the detection of weak signal detection using a Duffing Oscillator, which is sensitive to periodic signals but insensitive...

Authors: Yan Luo, Qing Gao

Abstract: Based on the time-dependent deformation behavior of solder alloy 63Sn-37Pb at room temperature, a damage-coupled unified visco-plastic...

Authors: Li Ma, Yang Hu, Jian Xin, Gui De Deng

Abstract: Adiabatic shear band (ASB) is a typical response of materials under high strain rate loading. Based on the instability analysis of the...

Authors: Ying Wu, De Cai Han

Abstract: The in-depth composition of carbon and oxygen in copper beads formed by arc and fire were studied by XPS, respectively. Corresponding to the...


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