Measuring Technology and Mechatronics Automation IV

Volumes 128-129

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yong Hong Zhu, Jun Wan

Abstract: At first, according to the feature of ceramic kiln, this paper studies a fundamental data fusion method which is applied to ceramic kiln...

Authors: You Lian Zhu, Cheng Huang

Abstract: Design of morphological filter greatly depends on morphological operations and structuring elements selection. A filter design method used...

Authors: Wen Xue Zou, Sheng Hui Liu

Abstract: The parallel active power filter has been accepted by users because of its’ installing and removing without disturbing other users and so...

Authors: Hua Lin Liu, Yin Bo Zhan, Xiao Lei, You Yuan Wang, Hua Rong Zeng, Jian Li

Abstract: As we know, the TF method is more sensitive to changes in the power transformers at higher frequencies. Although measurement based on low...

Authors: Ji Gui Jian, Wei Wei Wang

Abstract: This paper is concerned with positive invariant set for the Chu chaotic system using a technique combing the generalized Lyapunov function...

Authors: Yan Fei Bao, Xiao Fei Wang, Gui Li Liu, Gang Li, Ling Lin

Abstract: Alcohol content is an important indicator of many products, rapid and accurate analysis is the key link of commodity inspection and...

Authors: Yu Zhen Yu, Xin Yi Ren, Chun Yan Deng, Jing Jing Yu, Shu Zhen Li, Jun Jie Shi

Abstract: The bending-roll control system has characteristics of time-varying, time-delay, nonlinearity and serious external disturbance, so it is...

Authors: Yang Ming Huang, Kai Dong Zhang, Shao Kun Cai, Mei Ping Wu

Abstract: Accelerometer bias and gyro drift determines the long term precision of the strapdown inertial navigation system (SINS) which is the primary...

Authors: Wen Juan Xie

Abstract: In order to meet high accurate measuring of geometry error for large-scale holes, an non-contact measuring method used laser probe is...

Authors: Jian Xin Huang, Ya Qin Bian

Abstract: Considering the weapon materiel maintenance condition, intelligence theory and method such as expert system and neural network is introduced...


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