Measuring Technology and Mechatronics Automation IV

Volumes 128-129

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yi Fan Zeng, Rui Li

Abstract: This paper proposes a novel method called arithmetic operations to analyze and process the generated voltage-signal from the single...

Authors: Bo Liu, Wei Na Hu, Jie Zhang

Abstract: This paper investigates the controllability of discrete-time multi-agent systems with leaders via switching topology. The results show that...

Authors: Wei Wei, Min Zuo, Tong Qiang Jiang, Zai Wen Liu

Abstract: Chaotic phenomena in permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM) can be observed when parameters in PMSM are in a certain range. In general,...

Authors: Gui Ying Liu, Shi Ping Su

Abstract: Active power filter is a widely used harmonic suppression and reactive power compensation, it can on the smart grid in the harmonic and...

Authors: Ni Zhang, Mei Chun Fu, Tao Zou

Abstract: The non-fragile guaranteed cost control is discussed for the polytopically uncertain switched discrete time systems with multi-delays in...

Authors: Zhi Biao Shi, Quan Gang Song, Ming Zhao Ma

Abstract: Due to the influence of artificial factor and slow convergence of particle swarm algorithm (PSO) during parameters selection of support...

Authors: Jian Qi Zhang, Fu Min Bao, Jian Feng Zhang

Abstract: To optimize the storge and retrieval process for Plasma Display Panel (hereafter abbreviated as PDP) panel aging, one dynamic cargo location...

Authors: Hai Yan Yang, Xin Hua Jiang, Lei Wang, Yong Hui Zhang

Abstract: Eye statement is one of the most important factors reflecting driver fatigue. A novel eye statement recognition method for driver fatigue...

Authors: Kai Song, Lei Wang, Zhi Kun Liu

Abstract: In order to achieve high speed and high reliability of face detection system, a feature-based template-matching algorithm to detect a key...


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