Mechanical and Electronics Engineering III

Volumes 130-134

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jia Qiong Wang, Fan Yu Kong

Abstract: To improve the shortcoming in bag filter design in China (mainly used in purification of HF in alumina electrolytic flue gas), necessity of...

Authors: Song Wang, Zhang Yu Zhou, Fa Shun Yang, Jian Yang, Xing Hua Fu

Abstract: In this work we present the technology of preparing multilayer MgB2 superconducting films via CVD method. The first layer of the...

Authors: Lu Ping Chao, Ming Chih Hsiao, I Ju Chen, Hung Yi Wu

Abstract: This study proposes an approach to analysis the stresses distribution between the fitting roller and glass panel for a vertical panel...

Authors: Yi Min Xia, Feng Wu, Lei Cheng, Zheng Hua Zhang

Abstract: Because of the situation that the disc cutter bearing seriously damaged in the cutting process, disc cutter structural parameters is...

Authors: Jian Zhong Li, Tao Wu, Long Zhang

Abstract: For machining micro hole and micro cavity in ceramics, a manufacturing methods based on green machining have been systematically researched....

Authors: Jian Zhong Li, Fei Hu Shen, Mei Gang Guo

Abstract: In conventional electrical discharge machining (EDM), the workpiece material is considered as homogenous material. When a micro feature is...

Authors: Fang Wei, Jiang Chang

Abstract: The cooling stave longevity is the most important factor to affect the blast furnace life. In this paper the cooling stave model was built...

Authors: Liang Yao Su, Xiang Sheng Li, Xiong Fei Yin, Xiao Yan Feng

Abstract: the reinforcement rib design is one of the key parts in entire bottle design. This paper presents the optimal design of reinforcement rib is...

Authors: Jun Fan

Abstract: The filling capability of forging die is the key to design forging die and it exerts an important influence to the quality and life of die....

Authors: Lie Jun Li, Xiang Dong Huo, Lin Guo

Abstract: High strength vanadium micro-alloyed steel with yield strength of 600MPa has been developed based on commercial 20MnSi steel bar....


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