Mechanical and Electronics Engineering III

Volumes 130-134

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jin Dong Wang, Fa Feng Xia

Abstract: Nanocomposite Ni-Al2O3 thin film containing nanosized Al2O3 particles had been grown on steel substrate by ultrasonic-electrodeposited...

Authors: Fa Feng Xia, Chun Yang Ma, Jin Dong Wang

Abstract: Auto Regressive model (AR) of nanoTiN particles content in Ni-TiN composite coating was established by the method of Time Series Analysis....

Authors: Li Ge Tong, Lu Bai, Hong Sheng Ding, Li Wang, Shi Wu Bai, Yong Li Sui, Jiang Feng Yu

Abstract: Based on artificial neural network (ANN), prediction model of the Charpy impact toughness for automatic welding is built. The input...

Authors: Yi Shan Zeng

Abstract: Based on the integrated design of structure, multi-dimensional force sensor has severe dimension coupling interference. Besides, two-order...

Authors: Guang Ming Wu, Zhi Qian Zhang, Yan Ying Zhu, Yang Cao, Yang Zhou, Guang Jian Xing

Abstract: Cadmium chloride and thiourea were used as raw materials to synthesize precursor solution, and CdS thin films were prepared on glass...

Authors: Yu Bin Ding, Guo Ping Zhang

Abstract: Left-handed metamaterials, of which the dielectric constant and the magnetic permeability are sim-ultaneously negative , are a kind of...

Authors: Li Xin Li, Ming Li, Hui Xin Wang, Zhong Juan Yang

Abstract: The Al-Si eutectic alloy solidified under normal pressure was prepared by vacuum Ar-arc furnace. The alloy solidified under high pressure...

Authors: Qing Gang Kong, Hai Yan Qian, Hui Ning Xiao, Kai Liu, Jian Ke Wang, Jing Zhu, Jun Li

Abstract: Due to its buffer property, activity, absorbability and safety, magnesium hydroxide is widely used in environmental protection,...

Authors: Zue Chin Chang, C.B Lin, Jin Shin Ho, Wen Hua Yang

Abstract: Bi-axial tensile stress was applied on a polydimethylsiloxane film and mounted on a PMMA plate surface. Then, the film’s tensile strain was...

Authors: Zong Lin Liu, Hong Kuan Yuan, Hong Chen

Abstract: The geometric, electronic, and magnetic properties of Ho-doped Sin (n=1-12, 16, and 18) clusters are studied via...


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