Mechanical and Electronics Engineering III

Volumes 130-134

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shao Hui Yan, Wei Li Zhu, Shi Chao Zhang

Abstract: AuNi alloy was synthesized by vacuum arc melting in high-purity argon atmosphere. The AuNi alloy was characterized by X-ray diffraction...

Authors: Peng Cui, Zhao Qiang Zhang, Yan Dou

Abstract: In this work, high compression strength silicon hybrid material was prepared through a sol-gel process. Structure of high compression...

Authors: Qi Wang, Cheng Pu Lin, Peng Cui

Abstract: Mesoporous TiO2 films was prepared by evaporation-induced self-assembly and dip-coating method. And the pore size of the...

Authors: Chang Sheng Liu

Abstract: The fire fighting equipments used for fight forest and grassland fire of China are mainly small two-stroke gasoline-powered portable wind...

Authors: Chen Li, Jie Zhao, Ling Long Kong, Yong Chang Ma

Abstract: Perovskite-type cathode materials La0.6Sr0.2Ca0.2Co1-yFeyO3-δ (0.2≤y≤0.5,...

Authors: Jun Cheng Bao, Jie Zhao, Jian Ping Li

Abstract: The fatigue property of welded specimen of different form of Ti6Al4V Titanium Alloy plate was researched in the environmental condition of...

Authors: Min Yan Ling, Hou He Chen

Abstract: Thiophene is a typical thiophenenic sulfur compound that exists in coking benzene. In this paper, investigate oxidation chlorination of...

Authors: Hui Rong Hao, Hong Bai Bai, Dong Wei Li

Abstract: Metal Rubber is a kind of material with nonlinear of resuming force. In the dynamic test of Metal Rubber based on the control of...

Authors: Qing Xian Xu, Xue Fang Guan, Bin Lin

Abstract: The scaled swine farms have been developed rapidly in China since 21st century, which bring serious problem in environmental...

Authors: Miao Xin Pan

Abstract: This paper proposes a new packing algorithm for strips cutting method in steel plate cutting technology. It remarks the shapes by many...


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