Mechanical and Electronics Engineering III

Volumes 130-134

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhe Yan Lang, Ai Guo Wu

Abstract: Helicopter is a typical MIMO system including the properties of non-stability, strong coupling, uncertainty. Firstly, a robust internal loop...

Authors: Yong Chen, Xiao Jie Qiu, Si Yuan Zhang, Jian Sha Lu

Abstract: A simulation model of dynamic & flexible scheduling about the large-sized components producing workshop was built by using the cellular...

Authors: Xin Dong, H. Wang, J. Wang, Z.F. Shi, S.K. Zhang

Abstract: ZnO has recently attracted considerable attention due to its favorable properties such as the wider band gap (3.37eV) at room temperature,...

Authors: Li Kun Liu, Zi Zi Ouyang, Sen Wang, Yi Wang, Xiao Dong Chen, Dao Yin Yu

Abstract: A New real-time position and orientation tracking system for endoscopy is described. Three coils sequentiallyfed with current comprise the...

Authors: Fang Fei, Xiao Long Bai, Bing Feng Ju

Abstract: Macro-micro dual-driven technique is an effective method to realize motion control of long-stroke and high-precision. The basic line is that...

Authors: Li Jun Zhan, Bao Guang Wang, Hong Yu Ye

Abstract: An automatic measuring system based on the principle of non-contact capacitive sensor for inner diameter measurement of the coaxial...

Authors: Nan Ni, Hai Hong Huang, Zhi Feng Liu, Guang Fu Liu

Abstract: Personal and consumer electronics products facilitate and enrich our life, however consume lots of energy and resources. Synthetically...

Authors: Xin Quan Ye, Tao He

Abstract: Based on the analysis of forces on the circuit breaker operator and its component in any instant position during the slow closing work...

Authors: Li Zhang, Hao Chen, Yan Jue Gong, Hong Wu, Shuo Zhang

Abstract: In order to reduce vibration and noise of the compressor used in small and medium-sized refrigeration unit, this paper designs different...

Authors: Jun Ying Wei, Pei Si Zhong

Abstract: This paper mainly researches the problem that enterprises select equipment resource in manufacturing resources sharing system. There are...


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