Mechanical and Electronics Engineering III

Volumes 130-134

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Hua Huang, Jian Cheng Xu, Wei Dai, Chun Song Wang

Abstract: The mathematical modeling and the kinematic simulation of the Tricept mechanism are finished by using the Pro/Engineer software in this...

Authors: Qin Ying, Xiao Yong Cheng

Abstract: It is a necessary step to break bags for bagged domestic waste before crushing it. This thesis carried out kinematic analysis for Whitworth...

Authors: Hui Fan, Yi Chao Wang

Abstract: In the actual permanent magnet synchronous motor servo system, the load changes are a major factor that affects system performance. In this...

Authors: Li Mei Zhao, Lun Jun Chen, Da Bin Zhang, Yi Li

Abstract: Jaw crushers are commonly-used machines in aggregate production. The aim of the research is to present a model which is able to predict...

Authors: Jian Li Ge, Guo Lai Yang, Jian Wei Hao

Abstract: The radar antenna pedestal is a complex gear-bearing system including three rotary motions, i.e. horizontal rolling, pitching rotation and...

Authors: Qing Sun, Shu Guang Zuo, Cong Gan Ma, Fan Hui Zhang, Shu Meng

Abstract: Wheel drive motor torque ripple will cause noise and vibration, and affect vehicle ride comfort. The research status of electric vehicle...

Authors: Feng Lu, Shi Chao Chen, Song Hua Li, Ke Zhang, Yu Hou Wu

Abstract: The high-precision component named full ceramic high-speed electric spindle is used in high speed NC machine tools. Electric spindle have...

Authors: Ji Wang, Jian Hua Zheng, Fu Shuai Xu

Abstract: Based on the nonlinear dynamical model of the gear system considering friction, the system periodic motion is studied by the Shooting...

Authors: Shan Lin Sun

Abstract: In order to reduce the PAPR of OFDM system, DST is introduced into OFDM systems. DST will not cause BER deterioration and side redundant in...

Authors: Rui Fang Chen, Yin Qun Hua, Hai Xia Liu, Yun Xia Ye

Abstract: This paper explores the properties of Fe40NiCrSiAl alloy treated by different methods. The hardness, elastic modulus and resistivity are...


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