Mechanical and Electronics Engineering III

Volumes 130-134

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Heng Zhou Wo, Ya Fang Zhang, Xian Guo Hu, Yu Fu Xu

Abstract: Nozzle is one of key parts in the diesel engine. The cavitation erosion of needle-sealing surface in the pintle nozzle has important...

Authors: Li Hua Gao, Jian Xin Zhang, Yan Chun Dong, Yong Yang, Dian Ran Yan

Abstract: In this paper TiN coating as an interlayer was fabricated on Q235 steel substrate by reactive plasma spray method and its microstructure and...

Authors: Min Zhao, Xi Ying Lang, Feng Lian Qi, Dong Liang Lei

Abstract: The process of cutting granite material is simulated with using analysis of LS-DYNA finite element. The stress, strain and cutting force of...

Authors: Chun Tian Li, Chang Wang, Ya Min Hu

Abstract: The techniques of isothermal extrusion and mould are designed for the hilt of electric screwdriver. The deformation process is simulated...

Authors: Fu Long Li, Tan Han

Abstract: With energy price and environmental pressure increasing, water-lubricated bearing has been further applied in ship propulsion system. By...

Authors: Xiang Long Wen, Cao Cao

Abstract: In the high-speed, gyroscopic effects of the flywheel rotor greatly influence the rotor stability. The pole-zero points move to right of...

Authors: Yan Guo Shi, Bao Jun Yao, Qing Ling Zhang, Xin Hua Mei

Abstract: This title use the ANSYS Secondary Development Technology as platform, developed the user101 element that stable for fracture process...

Authors: Wei Zhang, Wei Wang, Juan Hong, Zhi Wei Zhang, Zheng Xun Liu

Abstract: As one of the key technologies, preparation of silicon nanospheres is very important for developing the new types of silicon based solar...

Authors: Xiao Peng Huang, Jian Long Huang, Jing Feng Wu, Ke Ping Zhang

Abstract: Metal materials wear loss against plant abrasive of different wear process was obtained by simulation test on the abrasive wear testing...

Authors: Bing Hu, Jin Lei Li

Abstract: In this study,the chitosan (CS) -iron (Ⅱ,Ⅲ) oxide magnetic microspheres were prepared by crosslinking and coprecipitating with carbamide...


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