Mechanical and Electronics Engineering III

Volumes 130-134

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yue Kai Bi, Jin Ping Sun, Xiao Han, Yan Ping Wang

Abstract: The phase errors of radar signals can be caused by random tropospheric refractivity fluctuations in a turbulent region, which affects the...

Authors: Xi Xin, De Xin Liu, Liu Qing Wang, Li Wang

Abstract: This paper developed a new design of variable swirl intake manifolds for four-valve DI diesel engine by setting swirl control valves in the...

Authors: Dong Fan Chen, Xiang Gao, Wei Tao Chen, Xing Qian Han

Abstract: The aerodynamic analysis to human vocal folds owns great significance on understanding the principles of voice production,clinical disease...

Authors: Zheng Yu Zhang, Shui Liang Wang, Yan Sun

Abstract: It is crucial measuring position and attitude of model to gain the precise and accurate data in wind tunnel tests. The model displacement...

Authors: Yu Guang Guo, De Zhi Ren, Li Ping Xu

Abstract: The application of a new microbridge mass airflow sensor is presented. Based on the introduction of the sensor’s I2C interface...

Authors: Meng Na Deng, Yun Hai Yu, Liang Chen, Hong Shan Zhao

Abstract: A maintenance interval optimization model for wind turbine gearbox considering the maximization component profit per unit time was presented...

Authors: Ming Zhang, Yi Ming Zhang, Jiang Tao Tong

Abstract: Stator winding inter turn short-circuit fault is one of the most common internal faults of fault-tolerant machine, which can disconnect the...

Authors: Ren Sheng Zhu, Zhen Zhen Zheng, Yong Mei Liu, Jian Shen, Yang Xiao, Dong Xiang Jiang, Jie Chen

Abstract: As the main load-bearing component, the tower supports the weight as well as the wind force and the dynamic load in operation of the wind...

Authors: Qiu Yan Fan, Mei Qian Wang, Sheng Cai Xu

Abstract: In the past, when used the foundation coefficient to calculate the internal force of anti-slide pile, power series method is usually...


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