Mechanical and Electronics Engineering III

Volumes 130-134

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ying Li Shao

Abstract: The exhaust noise, which falls into low-frequency noise, is the dominant noise source of a diesel engines and tractors. The traditional...

Authors: Shu Ming Li, Xian Feng Liu

Abstract: A robust Capon adaptive beamforming imaging method was proposed for stepped-frequency through-the-wall radar. According to the ideal of...

Authors: Yan Chao, Li Qun Wu, Xiao Lu Luo

Abstract: Surface texturing of silicon can reduce the reflectance of incident light and increase the conversion efficiency of solar cells. Many...

Authors: Hai Chao Cai, Dong Feng Wang, Qiao Yu Xu, Zhen Dong Shang

Abstract: In this paper, we combine the characteristics of acoustic emission detection with the present condition of truck rolling bearing’s fault...

Authors: Zheng Yu Zheng, Ren Xian Li

Abstract: This paper dwelled on the principle of Computational Aero-Acoustics (CAA), and utilized the Boundary Element Method (BEM) combined with the...

Authors: Qing Yang, Hua Cha, Xu Dong Ma, Guang Qing Dai

Abstract: In the article, the method of experimental model test is used to optimize the shape of the interception structure. The hydraulic...

Authors: Cheng Gu, Shan Wang

Abstract: This paper gives a new algorithm that based on normalized autocorrelation robustness selection. Aiming at the situation that the voice was...

Authors: Qiu Zhan Zhou, Jian Gao, Na Lei, Dan’e Wu

Abstract: Considering the inflexibility and limitations of the traditional frequency-domain OCDs reliability screening method using noise parameters...

Authors: Li Tao Chen, Jian Chen, Bing Rong Zhang, Wu Zhang

Abstract: The determination of the sensitivity of the acoustical characteristics of vibrating systems with respect to the variation of the design...

Authors: Bing Rong Zhang, Jian Chen, Li Tao Chen, Wu Zhang

Abstract: In order to reduce computational complexity and memory requirements using conventional boundary element method (CBEM) for large scale...


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