Mechanical and Electronics Engineering III

Volumes 130-134

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ding Feng, Si Huang, Yu Hui Guan, Wei Guo Ma

Abstract: This work performs an oil-water two-phase flow simulation in a downhole Venturi meter to investigate the flow field and pressure...

Authors: Liang Zhao, Bin Bin Wang, Fei Liang Xu

Abstract: For a class of non-linear,time-delay and time-varying control systems with unknown interference,a compound algorithm combining classical PID...

Authors: Yu Yi Zhai, Wen Jie Lu, Yu Zhou, Zi Li Xu

Abstract: Ups and downs control was one of the main contents in control of the submersible. A new ups and downs control system was used on the...

Authors: Qian Tang, Abebe Misganaw, Xian Zhi Ye, Yuan Xun Zhang

Abstract: Screw pump is a special type of rotary positive displacement pump in which the flow through the pumping elements is truly axial. The...

Authors: Dong Liu, Chun Lin Wang

Abstract: Particle Image Velocimetry combined with image processing program is used to measure the salt-out two phase flow in the volute. The velocity...

Authors: Xiu Rong Chen, Wen Shan Cui

Abstract: In this paper, we apply homotopy analysis method to solve nonlinear equation and successfully obtain the bell-shaped solitary solution to...

Authors: De Zhi Zhan

Abstract: This paper considers the optimal control design problem for nonlinear systems with composite disturbances. First, the original system is...

Authors: B.L. Su, W.L. Wei

Abstract: This paper is concerned with a new numerical method of two-dimensional flow. The governing system of differential equations is transformed...

Authors: Xiao Jian Li, Fei Dai, Jian Xu, Dong Lin Su

Abstract: The feature points of test curve reflect important information of the equipment under test. The feature points are important for test...

Authors: Yu Chen, Gui Ying Li, Hao Wang, Ting Zhao

Abstract: This paper has studied infrared target background suppression technology in the case of low SNR. In order to meet the high detection rate...


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