Mechanical and Electronics Engineering III

Volumes 130-134

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jie Zhang

Abstract: The intelligent Aim system of the Tear Bomb Emitter based on binocular stereo vision has been designed for the armored car equipped in our...

Authors: Wen Jun Li, Kui Feng, Hong Kun Zhang

Abstract: The majority of traffic accidents on the highway is rear-end collision. According to statistics about ninety percent rear-end collision can...

Authors: Ping Lu, Tao Ding, Jin Ye Li, Jin Xia Mu

Abstract: The potential of phosphorus removal rate was investigated using a lab scale UASB reactor The volumetric phosphorus removal rate was up to 20...

Authors: Yan Wang, Bin Lu

Abstract: With the requirements of larger production process and continuous reheating annealing furnace production, quality and the optimization of...

Authors: Yong Gang Luo

Abstract: The system is a new on-line monitor system. Which is consisted of a master station , which is a computer with intelligent CAN-bus interface...

Authors: Xin Hui Du, Shu Niu, Xing Min Wang, Pu Hui Wang

Abstract: The parameters of main ventilator in mine such as air flow, wind speed, gas concentration and other conditions are closely related, for its...

Authors: Xi Hua Xie, Liang Zhou, Qing Hua He

Abstract: The carriage positioning of excavator in three-dimensions (3-D) is the precondition of the robotic excavator starting roboticized works. In...

Authors: Xin Yu Xie, Kai Zhu, Jin Yao Hua, Hong Wei Ying, Kai Fu Liu

Abstract: The self-drilling prestressed anchor is a type of ground anchor used to transmit the applied tensile load into soil or rock through cement...

Authors: Jian Zhong Zhang, Yong Yi He, Jun Li

Abstract: In order to assemble mobile-phone more automatically,with higher speed,and with better efficiency, an application of machine vision in...

Authors: Zhang Liang Wu, Chang Ku Sun, Jie Liu

Abstract: Adoption of machine vision inspection and computer image processing technology, an oil-seal dimension measuring system was developed to meet...


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