Mechanical and Electronics Engineering III

Volumes 130-134

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhan Hai Song, Yi Fang Wang, Shuai Mou, Zhe Wu, Yin Hui Zhu, Bing Fu Xiang, Ce Zhou

Abstract: Base on three dimension (3D) finite element method (FEM), a electromagnetic model for a power distribution transformer is established. The...

Authors: Xiao Jun Hu, Xiao Sheng Wu, Zheng Wang, Wen Yuan Chen, Wei Ping Zhang

Abstract: This paper reports a novel kind of solid micro-gyroscope, which is called piezoelectric micromachined modal gyroscope (PMMG). PMMG has large...

Authors: Chao Jiang

Abstract: A novel Plasma generator is manufactured by Micro-hollow cathode discharge, and it will be used in industry as the contaminated gas...

Authors: Yong Qiang Wang, Yi Di Wu, Yun Yan Wang, Chang Lin Liu

Abstract: Small scale high-voltage flyback charging circuit is the key unit of the initiating experiment device of slapper detonator, which converts...

Authors: Gang Chen, Peng Wu, Song Bai, Zhe Yang Li, Yun Li, Wei Jiang Ni, Yu Zhu Li

Abstract: . Silicon carbide (SiC) SITs were fabricated using home-grown epi structures. The gate is a recessed gate - bottom contact (RG - B)....

Authors: Ning Zhao, Shao Hua Dong

Abstract: In order to solve dynamic schedule problem brought by disturbance in steelmaking, the disturbance and corresponding method are classified....

Authors: Cheng Zhi Xu, Kun Zhong Lu, Wei Hua Liu, Shi Bing Fan, Yuan Zhong Xu

Abstract: We fabricated and analyzed the 10Gb/s EML TOSA packaged module. An optimized CPW feed line was employed for the module, and greatly improved...

Authors: Wen Xing Zhu, Zhi Ping Jia

Abstract: We investigate behaviors of vehicles passing a controlled area with variable speed limits (VSL) before a tollgate. The traffic flow...

Authors: Chen Xi Lu, Fang Zhao, Mohammed Hadi, Ren Fa Yang

Abstract: This paper discusses the implementation of a new travel time estimation method in a regional demand forecasting model. The developed model...

Authors: Lv Yuan Wang, Huan Li, Jun Huang, Yue Lan Xu, Ying Gao

Abstract: Lots of information including vary raw materials components and mechanical properties should be involved in the electrode design process. It...


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