Mechanical and Electronics Engineering III

Volumes 130-134

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: An Liang Zhang, Qin Jiang Han

Abstract: A new low cost microfluidic device has been designed and fabricated. Three thread microchannels were fabricated using tape and three...

Authors: Chun Jiang Shuai

Abstract: This paper presented the elementary principle and the computation for waveguide eigenvalues by using mixed method (Quadric-FE-BEM). A...

Authors: Yan Ping Zheng, Han Wang, Zheng Ping Du

Abstract: For power distribution between engines and electric motors and the dynamic battery management SOC of the dynamic battery in HEV is an...

Authors: H.Q. Li, X.X. He, T. Liu, Z.H. Nie, X.Q. Lv

Abstract: The thin films of W-doped VO2 were synthesized onto Mo substrates using reactive DC and RF magnetic co-sputtering deposition...

Authors: Wei Lu Wu

Abstract: The index system of communication EW equipment`s Reliability can be qualitative and quantitative and multi-hierarchic.The method is used to...

Authors: Peng Gang Zhang, Xiao Min He, Qian Wang

Abstract: This paper presents recent results of an experimental investigation on Deflagration to Detonation Transition (DDT) with H2/air...

Authors: Jin Song Wei, Feng Qi Gao, Guang Long Wang

Abstract: A kind of control system which consists of high performance ARM microprocessor and embedded real-time operate system is put forward and...

Authors: Zheng Huang, Tie Lin Shi

Abstract: When friction pair contact with each other, self-generated voltage is a macroscopic potential difference manifested in the face of friction...

Authors: Gai Li Yue, Rong Li, Chao Chen, Xiao Long Wei

Abstract: With the continuous development of aviation technology, reliability requirements for air power is growing. As an important component, air...

Authors: Xing Guang Li, Gui Ying Li, Yu Bo Yue

Abstract: A continuous light-emitting laser diode power supply has been present,in this paper. The power supply is up to 50 W and the current is...


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