Mechanical and Electronics Engineering III

Volumes 130-134

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Pan, Zhao Xian Liu

Abstract: We put forward a process of automatic airport extraction based on the characteristics of high resolution remote sensing images. First,...

Authors: Yang Zhang, Li Ming Wu, Zuo Min Wang

Abstract: In recent years, as affected by climate change and human activities, wind speed shows an obvious downward trend. According to the following...

Authors: Huai Shi Bo, Jian Feng Yang

Abstract: Power electronics converters play an important role in realization and performance improvement of electrical power system. With the demand...

Authors: Ying Zhao, Yong Jun Yang

Abstract: The back electromotive force (EMF) waveform of brushless dc motor (BLDCM) is trapezoid. But it is not absolutely trapezoid because of motor...

Authors: Yun Liang Wang, Jun Di Xie

Abstract: This paper mainly discussed the non-linear characteristics of photovoltaic cell and the importance of maximum power point tracking (MPPT)...

Authors: Shu Yue Chen, Yong Ming Liu, Yi Wang

Abstract: A scheme is proposed to realize remote control of embedded instrument without operation system under the mode of B/S structure in view of...

Authors: Ti Song, Lian Yu Wei, Wen Xia Sun, Wen Feng Sun

Abstract: Tunnel project contains complex and diverse risk factors. Risk management has an important role on tunneling engineering projects. Risk...

Authors: Jing Bo Zhang, Shu Fang Zhang, Qin Hu, Yi Jiang, Xiao Wen Sun

Abstract: A differential phase error detector is inserted in the carrier loop structure for improving the dynamic performance of the loop in GNSS...

Authors: Yuan Fang Xin

Abstract: A control system for water level of boiler steam drum based on DSP microprocessor is designed in this paper. The technique of fuzzy control...

Authors: Xia Sun

Abstract: This paper combines the fuzzy control theory with the specific control object .We use MATLAB as the simulation platform ,and detailed...


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