Mechanical and Electronics Engineering III

Volumes 130-134

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Meng Wang, Jian Qiang Wu, Xiao Hua Zhang

Abstract: A self-adaptive battery management system (BMS) based on CAN-bus for power Li-ion battery was designed in this paper. It is designed...

Authors: Yue Min Liu, Yan Zhu

Abstract: With the development of the electronic technology, people have proposed higher requirements for the service quality on elevator, and the...

Authors: Xing Yu Lai, Chun Yan Yan, Bang Yan Ye, Wei Guang Li

Abstract: In order to improve the slow response and weak robustness of fuzzy control for machining process, combining qualitative knowledge...

Authors: Yu Qian Zhao, Pan Wang, Ding Gao

Abstract: The problem of persistent icing on high-voltage line is very serious and cause severe losses. In order to solve the high-voltage line...

Authors: Li Zong Lin, Xiao Peng Ni, Luo Shan Zhou, Zhi Qin Qian

Abstract: Dynamic deformation measurement of machine parts in fatigue strength test is studied by using machine vision technique. Considering the...

Authors: Jun Wang, Ming Li Dong

Abstract: In order to monitor the deformation of the surface or dynamic adjustment and measurement, the real-time and on-line close range...

Authors: Jun Wang, Lian Qing Zhu, Ming Li Dong

Abstract: In order to improve the speed and accuracy of the existing product, a new automated hemorheology analyzer is designed and implementation in...

Authors: Qiu Qin Yue, Hua Yu

Abstract: According to the importance of cutter radius compensation in CNC machining, the principle of cutter radius compensation was discussed and...

Authors: Bin Xiao, Zhao Hui Li

Abstract: Through investigating the issue of solving the TSP problem by discrete particle swarm optimization algorithm, this study finds a new...

Authors: Ju Cai, Qiu Jian Bai

Abstract: The nonlinear effect in high speed differential phase shift keying (DPSK) optical transmission system is analyzed in this paper. The fine...


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