Mechanical and Electronics Engineering III

Volumes 130-134

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wei Min Ding

Abstract: This paper briefly introduces the requirtment analysis of the production management and cost control platform of the manufacturing...

Authors: Hong Bin Wang, Lan Po Zhao, Wen Ju Liang

Abstract: In order to improve black soil productivity in the Songliao Plain Cornbelt, a new tillage technology “deep plowing with mulching” was...

Authors: Ji Hong Shi, Rong Zong, Jin Ling Huo, Qian Nan Li, Zhong Zai Dong

Abstract: Mathematical models are proposed to determine the most suitable shape of a snowboard course based on vertical air, maximum twist and the...

Authors: Zhi Hua Chen, Jun Luo

Abstract: According to the mobility and continuity of the flow of data streams,this paper presents an algorithm called NSWR to mine the frequent item...

Authors: Chuan Sheng Xie, Sheng Ping Hua, Da Peng Dong, Xiao Xi Jia

Abstract: A fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method for nuclear power plants is introduced in this article. First, a risk index system is established of...

Authors: Fang Zhou Zhang, Xiao Ge Dong, Xi Bao Ma, Hu Yong Yan, Li Quan Yang

Abstract: In the welding training process, due to a large amount of training data, artificially can’t from these data information to evaluate the...

Authors: Yi Ran Cheng, Yin Han, Xin Kai Jiang, Jia Lei Gu

Abstract: Considering the un-deterministic transportation networks, the paper proposes the change of the route choice decisions under the stochastic...

Authors: Yang Li, Jiang Wei Chu

Abstract: The paper analysis the influence of ice snow on flow at the view of the driver and the car, and through measuring a certain road in...

Authors: Ya Ling Yang, Yan Hui Zhou

Abstract: Risk assessment for information security is uncertainty. To control these uncertainties is of great significance for effective risk...

Authors: Yan Hua Ma, Fan Sen Kong, Ying Jiang, Yu Zhang, Yan Ao

Abstract: The article elaborates the fundamental notion theory of assembly line balancing, aiming at F company’s assembly line actuality. It solves...


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