Mechanical and Electronics Engineering III

Volumes 130-134

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chen Hui Yang, Ke Tong Yan, Wei Luo

Abstract: The widget applications have been very widly used on PC platform and hand-held devices. Widget applications will be widely used on the IPTV...

Authors: Min Ma, Min Hou, Cai Xia Zhang, Lu Jun Han

Abstract: A model of Electrical Capacitance Tomography (ECT) electrodes array was established by ANSYS Parameter Design Language (APDL). A analysis...

Authors: Yi Tong Zhang, Da Xing Zeng, Yan Dong Yang, Wen Juan Lu, De Jun Mu, Ya Li Yi

Abstract: Deficiencies are existed for currently formulae of mobility calculation for single loop mechanism. It doesn't reflect the constraint imposed...

Authors: Pei Si Zhong, Jian Dong Song, Jun Ying Wei, Mei Liu

Abstract: The importance of customer service in customized design support is introduced. The basic requirements of customized design support are...

Authors: Shi Jie Dai, Chuang Wang, Hong Wei Zheng, Zheng Hua Chen, Lin Lin, Jing Wang

Abstract: In this paper, a 3D composite seam image has been firstly preprocessed and then the centerline and key-points have been extracted. After...

Authors: Shi Jie Dai, Yan Yan Cheng, Peng Pei, Ming Ming Ren, Zhi Lv

Abstract: In this paper, a 3D crane system coordinate system is established for a bridge crane in which the rope length is always changing. The...

Authors: Lei Zhang, Zhi Feng Liu, Hong Bao

Abstract: The characteristic of product’s life-cycle customer environment requirements is analyzed. A customer clustering methode for green design is...

Authors: Hong Wei, Ping Xiang Cao, Xiao Lei Guo, Bao Jin Wang, Zong Ming Qiao, Wei Hu

Abstract: On the base of appraising synthetically of measuring and testing technique and the monitoring system of thickness, the article analyzed the...

Authors: Qiong Li, Chun Ming Hao, Hui Lin Liu

Abstract: In this paper, the spatial structure of heavy metals were quantitatively described to soil in Zhejiang Pinghu City based on statistical...

Authors: Hui Ling Cao, Xun Lai Tu, Da Min Liang, Yong Feng Ma, Peng Xue

Abstract: Aero2k and SAGE model havebeen developed in the contemporary society when emissions attract extensive attention, especially on aviation...


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