Mechanical and Electronics Engineering III

Volumes 130-134

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yi Ding Wang, Da Qian Li

Abstract: Background subtraction is a typical method for moving objects detection. The Gaussian mixture model is one of widely used method to model...

Authors: Heng Liang Zhang, Dan Mei Xie, Chu Nie, Yang Heng Xiong

Abstract: This paper presents a system developed for online monitoring of various aging effects, such as fatigue, creep and fatigue–creep interaction....

Authors: Hua Bing Zhu, Feng Yu, Yun Xi, Long Wang, Juan Zhang

Abstract: Focusing on a particular assembly line balancing problem of which the task time is a stochastic variable, a stochastic model is established,...

Authors: Jing Song Peng, R. Jiang, Jing Xu

Abstract: This paper presents an analysis of field reliability and maintenance performance for a heavy engineering vehicle operating in a steel mill....

Authors: Yong Zeng, Rui Liang Zhang, Yun Feng Wang

Abstract: Spline is an important component to ensure transmission and connection in the mechanical design. But species and parameters of the spline...

Authors: Yong Feng Liu, Jian Wei Yang, Hong Sen Tian, Ai Hua Zhu

Abstract: In order to improve complex shape piston productivity computer integrated manufacturing system (CIMS) technology is presented. Design...

Authors: Ya Liang Wang, Yong Chen

Abstract: The original equipment manufacturing mode of the multi-species, multi-process and multi-unit is the main mode in Zhejiang manufacturing...

Authors: Shun Cui, Shi Feng Wang, Jun Liang Zhang, Hui Liu, Zhong Kui Li, Ming Xing Xia

Abstract: This paper have completed the structural design of the GF3.5 25/500, and the cover of the high pressure vessel, flange, the body of the high...

Authors: Wei Xiong Wu, Rong Chao Ma, Nian He Liao

Abstract: Jatropha curcas from Panzhihua area was used to explore the optimal process of screw-pressing. And the result shows the optimal process...

Authors: Sang Chen Ni, Yue Zhang

Abstract: Focused on environment parameters information of large dead-time and inertia, in this paper, the multi-parameters monitoring system of...


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