Mechanical and Electronics Engineering III

Volumes 130-134

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ming Li Wang, Xiu Yang

Abstract: Rock mass is a multi-fractured body. Regardless of the size of these flaws, they can reduce the strength of rock materials [1]. As rock is...

Authors: Ming Li Wang, Xiu Yang

Abstract: Several experiments undertaken on cement and mortar samples with internal cracks of different shapes and sizes demonstrated that 3-D cracks...

Authors: Lian Li, Zhi Yang Yan

Abstract: This paper puts forwards the idea of using SRV1 as the platform and making a whole and integrated central air-conditioning duct cleaning...

Authors: Yin Shui Gong, Hui Yun Li

Abstract: With the development of integrated circuit technology, design for test (DFT) is on the agenda. In this paper, we propose a new method that...

Authors: Wei Deng, Yan Feng Wang, Jie Fang

Abstract: A new three-dimensional cubic chaotic system is reported. This new system contains five system parameters and each equation contains...

Authors: Ju Xia Ding, Xiu Feng Zhang, Hua Jun Zhang

Abstract: In order to reduce the error of the phase lock-loop (PLL) and compensate the delay of the low pass filter on harmonics detection, In the...

Authors: Shuang Cheng Wei, Jia Hao Deng, Yan Hua Pan

Abstract: Magnetic detection and localization is becoming a hot point in the past twenty years. Amorphous wire is a promising material to produce high...

Authors: Yong Gang Luo

Abstract: In order to realize high-speed and real-time communications between canbus and usb bus, a can/usb embedded adapter is designed in this...

Authors: Zeng Guo Tian

Abstract: For the requirement to control the content of traces SiO4-2 in the water and vapor in coal-fired power plants. By thie...

Authors: Bin Lu, Hui Min Niu

Abstract: By analyzing the limitations of existed offset optimization models about arterial control system, and according to the random distribution...


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