Mechanical and Electronics Engineering III

Volumes 130-134

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yi Xian Qian, Li Bao Yang, Xiao Wei Cheng, Xue Ting Hong

Abstract: A classical joint transform correlator (JTC) usually yields large correlation sidelobes as well as a large correlation peak width, strong...

Authors: Jie Li, Ling Feng Chen

Abstract: The point diffraction interferometer (PDI), which generates the nearly ideal spherical wavefront with the pinhole method, is realized the...

Authors: Ya Fang Yin, Yan Na Liao

Abstract: This paper give a new design of three level phase delay control polarization controller, which is the key components for state of...

Authors: Zheng Rong Tong, Yang Guo, Xiu Feng Yang, Ye Cao

Abstract: We introduce an all-fiber sensor capable of simultaneous measurement of temperature and refractive index (RI). The sensor system consists of...

Authors: Xiu Feng Yang, Xiu Li Fang, Zheng Rong Tong, Ye Cao

Abstract: A switchable fiber laser based on Mach-Zehnder interferometer (MZI) and photonic crystal fiber (PCF) is demonstrated. A section of PCF in...

Authors: Yin Fei Yang, Ye Cao, Zheng Rong Tong, Xiu Feng Yang

Abstract: Here based on the combination of Comsol and the transmission matrix of Matlab, the spectrums of etched micro-structured gratings are...

Authors: Yi Wang Wang, Shuo Wu

Abstract: Considering the traditional LED road illumination drive power supply existence some shortcomings,such as the illuminance can not be...

Authors: Hong Qiao Cheng, Li Yang, Long Yin Chen, Ye Cao, Zheng Rong Tong, Xiu Feng Yang

Abstract: A new-type controllable slow light system based on a multi-stage delay Stimulated Brilliouin Scattering (SBS) structure is proposed. In this...

Authors: Li Wei, Ting Ting Hu, Yue Gang Tan

Abstract: This paper presents a rotate speed sensor using fiber Bragg grating (FBG) as sensitive component and constant strength cantilever structure...

Authors: Jia Jia Li, Ke Liang Zhang, Gang Wei, Bai Feng Wu

Abstract: It is a difficult task to binarize image under uneven illumination, and this problem is always met in the image recognition system, such as...


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