Mechanical and Electronics Engineering III

Volumes 130-134

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Bao Hui Li, Bao Juan Tian

Abstract: A capillary electrophoresis (CE) method for the separation of four kinds of enantiomers of non-natural carboxylic amino acid was built while...

Authors: Wen Wu Zheng, Yong Nian Zeng

Abstract: The main disadvantage of Land surface temperature (LST) retrieval methods from Landsat TM thermal channel images is that atmospheric profile...

Authors: Li Li Dong, Gang Qin

Abstract: The design of multi-channel temperature acquisition system based on MSP430 and temperature sensor DS18B20 is presented in this paper. The...

Authors: Xiao Yu Jiang, Sheng Zhong, Zhen Wei

Abstract: In recent years, infrared temperature-measuring attracted more and more attention from home and abroad. Infrared temperature-measuring is...

Authors: Lian Li, Li Xia Zhai

Abstract: In view of the structure and characteristics of the vehicle dynamic weighing system, this paper uses the sensor data fusion technology to...

Authors: Jin Ming Tian, Lei Zhang, Cheng Long Gong, Lin Hai Ji

Abstract: A set of data acquisition terminal for automotive sensor three voltage level signal performance testing is designed. It is connected...

Authors: Yong Feng Wu, Hong Lin Yu, Xiao Dong Li, Zhi Ping Kang

Abstract: The components structure and principle of ring ball gratings sensor is put forward for the present state that there still has not a better...

Authors: Bin Xu, Xin Lv, Hong Chao Wang, Dong Jie Tan, Ying Jie Chen

Abstract: An airborne technology is proposed to detect in flight over natural gas pipeline with a high spatial resolution the presence of trace of...

Authors: Xiang Yu Hao, Ming Li, Xue Feng Han, Hong Guang Jia

Abstract: In order to improve its precision in dynamic environment, a Kalman filter was designed. Firstly, two sets of random drift data of MEMS gyro...

Authors: Li Yan Lou, Huan Li, Xu You Wang, Wei Wang, Ying Gao

Abstract: Based on the coupling of laser beam and double arcs, a novel process was investigated. This research set up the laser-double wire pulsed MIG...


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