Mechanical and Electronics Engineering III

Volumes 130-134

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Man Song, Yang Zhang, Xiang Long Wu, Xi Ding

Abstract: This paper introduced a general calibration principle based on Freescale MMA7455L acceleration sensor, and generated specific implementation...

Authors: Yi Lun Han, Bin Long Wang, Xue Lei Wen

Abstract: In this paper, the intelligent vehicle control system’s design based on HCS12X MCU.The Multi-sensor combination technology be used in this...

Authors: Zheng Feng Huang, Mao Xiang Yi

Abstract: This paper presents a built-in SEU sensor (BISS) to detect soft errors in CMOS digital systems. BISS detects SEU-induced soft errors by...

Authors: Zhong Pan Shi, Chang Tao Ding, Yan Zhi Zhao, Tie Shi Zhao

Abstract: In this article, a new large range flexible jionts 6-UPUR six-axis force sensor is proposed, its structure model, measuring principle and...

Authors: Zheng Wang, Xiao Sheng Wu, Xiao Jun Hu, Wen Yuan Chen, Wei Ping Zhang

Abstract: Micromachined modal gyroscope based on elastic body (MMGEB) is a novel kind of rotating rate sensor, which has large stiffness and robust...

Authors: Yi Shi Shu, Li Li Ma, Pei Jie Yu

Abstract: With the development of integrated automation systems and distribution automation technology, considering the safety of grid equipment, the...

Authors: Long Qing He, Kai Xia Wei

Abstract: A new sensor of the electromagnetic flowmeter in partially filled pipes (EMF-PF) is presented. With an array of parallel electrodes...

Authors: Jin Zheng Li, Wei Xia, Zi Shu He, De Jun Zeng, Xiao Wei Kong

Abstract: This paper presents a parallelizable adaptive method to estimate and update close-loop digital predistorter for RF power amplifiers. The...

Authors: Qiang Gao, Yi Li

Abstract: Inverted pendulum system is a complex, multivariable, nonlinear, strong-coupling, unstable system of high order. Compared with the...

Authors: Xiao Na Wu, Song Wang

Abstract: Aimed at the influence of grid power quality suffered from the wind turbine, a new control strategy for grid-side inverter of direct drive...


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