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Authors: Hsing Cheng Chang, Ya Hui Chen, San Shan Hung, Chi Chih Lai, Chein Chuan Hung, I Nan Chang
Abstract:Light intensity enhancement of GaN-based blue light-emitting diodes (LEDs) is performed using different surface roughening technologies....
Authors: Qing He, Dong Hai Qiao
Abstract:In this paper, a single-crystal silicon capacitive accelerometer is put forward. The accelerometer is composed of a single-crystal silicon...
Authors: Jun Jia Zheng, Hong Jun Liu, Shao Yong Zeng
Abstract:Job shop scheduling in the production management module is one of the core of ERP system. To solve the problem, that is, to discretely...
Authors: Fa Ming Zhu, Sheng Li
Abstract:Structure static testing is an important means to study the static characteristic of complex engineering structure. Electrohydraulic stactic...
Authors: Lu Jun Cui, Hui Chao Shang, Gang Zhang, You Ping Chen
Abstract:The present work investigates reflectivity and optimal reflective distance of optical fiber hydrogen sensor in over 0~4000um range. The...
Authors: Chi Feng Chen, Li Ming Lu, Yung Fang Jhou
Abstract:A novel optical sheet with double-layer microstructures is proposed to improve the brightness uniformity and optical efficiency in the LED...
Authors: Xiao Ling Wang, Xue Yao Qian, Zhyingi Dai
Abstract:Characterization of measurement uncertainty as a measure of quality of results, and obtained in the metrology of a wide range of...
Authors: Shu Qiu Gong, Ming Tang, Li Yan Cui
Abstract:For the characteristics of high frequency of switching devices in the photovoltaic inverter and complexity of circuit topology, the insulated...
Authors: X.F. Wei, J.F. Ruan, C.G. Xie, H. Yuan, J. Song
Abstract:The optical absorptions are calculated in an InAs/GaSb-based type II and broken-gap quantum well under applied electric field. Two absorption...
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