Mechanical and Electronics Engineering III

Volumes 130-134

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ping Xu, Wei Xia, Zi Shu He

Abstract: In this paper, we present yet another design of the variable-bandwidth digital down-converter (VB-DDC). The shaping filter in the DDC...

Authors: Liu Wei

Abstract: Mitsubishi FX2n series PLC's CPU module comes with high-speed pulse output channels. Using these channels, you can achieve position control...

Authors: Zhan Yuan Yan, Pan Zhao, Shi Liang Xu

Abstract: By using the advanced quantum theory of mesoscopic circuits, a mesoscopic quartz piezoelectric crystal equivalent circuit is quantized. The...

Authors: Ming Zhang, Tao Zhou, Ping Liu, Ke Ran, Cheng Sheng, Yan Ping Huang

Abstract: Based on the bubble dynamics, the generation and separation of bubble plays a leading role in the heat transfer of boiling condition. Before...

Authors: San Shan Hung, Hsing Cheng Chang, Jhih Wei Huang

Abstract: The main result of this study is to propose a liquid-cooling system for high power LED heat dissipation treatment. By using thermal...

Authors: Bin Li, Bo Zhu

Abstract: This paper focuses on the parameterized computing system on structure of lift scaffolding attached to the wall. Taking full advantage of the...

Authors: Wei Hua He, Gui Xi Liu, Peng Ju Chang, Rui Liu, Zeng Jian Huang

Abstract: Currently one of the most important, time-consuming and costly phases of PDP production is the inspection process. The lighting inspection...

Authors: Xiao Dong Mao, Da Hu Wang, Tong Zhang, Ke Ming Huang

Abstract: --In the paper we have chosen to create a universal remote control on the Android smartphone. The concept of a universal remote has helped...

Authors: Yu Xin Hao, Wei Zhang, L. Yang, J.H. Wang

Abstract: An analysis on the nonlinear dynamics of a cantilever functionally graded materials (FGM) cylindrical shell subjected to the transversal...

Authors: Xia Wang, Yu Jun Tang, Jian Li Wang

Abstract: A switched controller is designed for the Boost DC /DC converter. The proposed switched controller takes advantage of both...


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