Mechanical and Electronics Engineering III

Volumes 130-134

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xue Fei Zhang, Jing Hao Liu, Wen Shuo Zhang

Abstract: This paper presents a new application scheme of Broadband Power Line Communication (BPLC) in smart home. In this scheme the power line was...

Authors: Bin Jiao, Zhi Xiang Xu

Abstract: This paper proposes an improved particle swarm optimization algorithm (PSO) for the global and local equilibrium problem of searching...

Authors: Gang Zhao, Hui Jiang

Abstract: It needs to track the maximum power point for enhancing the output power of the photovoltaic power generation systems. Perturbation and...

Authors: Gang Zhao, Jie Xu

Abstract: This paper introduces the design of a heating boiler control system based on PLC and IFIX. In this system, combining Premium PLC with...

Authors: Shou Jun Wang, Ming Wei Wei

Abstract: In this paper, a specific application accelerated iterative method is presented for calculating wave length in harbor engineering, which...

Authors: Tao Liu, Yi Qun Wang, Zi Gong Xue

Abstract: In allusion to 300 Reversible cold mill, the composing and the theory of the auto gauge control system is presented. To meet the...

Authors: Wu Zhang, Xiao Xu, Xiao Yi Ying

Abstract: According to the control characteristics of brushless DC motor, a control system based on the LPC1700 ARM is designed, together with the...

Authors: Shuai Zhang, Jin Bing Chen, Tao Wang, Wei Fan

Abstract: This Paper describes a new modeling approach of rodless cylinder for pneumatic servo positioning systems and the identification of related...

Authors: De Min Zhang, Xue Hui Liang

Abstract: The elevator control system is an important component of the modular elevator control system. The control and profile and PWM-pulse pattern...

Authors: De Min Zhang, Xue Hui Liang

Abstract: The brake release electrical control board is a very important element of the elevator rescue operation control system. The brake release...


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