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Authors: Xiao Hao Li, Jie Liu, Jun Tao Liu
Abstract:Aiming at the control synchronization problem of the dual exciting motors in nonlinear vibrating system, based on the phase-difference state...
Authors: Xiang Tong Yan, Ping Yu Jiang
Abstract:For the complexity and miniaturization of MEMS, MEMS design process is extremely different from general mechanical design process. Commonly...
Authors: Yan Yan Shi, Zhi Li Sun, Guo Quan Li, Feng Mu
Abstract:In this paper, a method of analyzing the reliability of tooth surface contact strength was presented and several kinds of errors of tooth...
Authors: Shou Ming Hou, Yong Xian Liu, Bo Yan, Zhong Qi Sheng
Abstract:In order to meet the requirement of mass customization and rapid response design, a hierarchical parameterized modeling method of parts and...
Authors: A Liang Cheng, Di Zheng, Li Yong Hu
Authors: Mei Fa Huang, Xiang Qian Li, Yan Ru Zhong, Bing Kuang, Qiao Yi Wang
Abstract:The new-generation standards of Geometrical Product Specifications (GPS) take the measurement and verification of manufactured parts...
Authors: Zhi Wei Zhang, Gui Qiao Wang, Jin Chun Song
Abstract:The core of shape control depends on the control of the rolling seam. At present, bending rolling control system is used extensively. It...
Authors: Qing Liang Zeng, Cheng Long Wang, Yu Shan Li, Ping Li
Abstract:The development process of vibration roller is a collaborative and concurrent process involved with mechanics, electronics and hydraulic...
Authors: Zhi Wei Xu, Zhong Qi Sheng, Hua Long Xie
Abstract:This paper presents an extended object model for case-based reasoning in product configuration design. In the extended object model a few of...
Authors: Jing Sheng, Li Ping Yao
Abstract:The finite element simulation of metal machining is a complex process. It is essential to develop a system to construct a model of simulation...
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