e-Engineering & Digital Enterprise Technology VII

Volumes 16-19

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMM.16-19

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Authors: Jing Shi Liu, Ya Zhou Sun, Li Hua Lu, Ying Chun Liang

Abstract: In order to improve the drifting accuracy of aerostatic bearings, the manufacturing errors effects on disturbing torque of aerostatic...

Authors: Yao Man Zhang, Zhi Kun Xie, Yong Xian Liu

Abstract: The linear rolling guideway is one of the most essential parts of the machine tool. So it is very important to analyze the dynamic-static...

Authors: Hua Xiang, Xin Cun Zhuang, Zhen Zhao

Abstract: Extrusion force plays a significant role on sheet metal extrusion process. It is characterized by various process parameters including...

Authors: G.J. Ma, Ya Dong Gong, Guang Qi Cai

Abstract: The purpose of MH/Ni power battery positive mill is to make it have the certain density, thickness and good tenacities. The thickness of...

Authors: Jian Ming Zhan, Ming Ming Wu, Jian Bo Zhang

Abstract: A new free-form surfaces shape-adaptive polishing tool is introduced in this paper, which can change its pose with the surface of workpiece....

Authors: Yang Jiang, Hong Yi Liu

Abstract: The stress field simulation is carried on to the solenoid valve product during the impulsive load using the ANSYS software in this article,...

Authors: Deng Yu Gai, Yu Zhao Chu, Qing Fen Li, Qun Xia Li

Abstract: 3-D velocity and temperature fields of mold filling and solidification processes of large turbine blade casting were simulated. It indicated...

Authors: Meng Hua Wu, Yuan Gang Wang, Fu Ling Zhao

Abstract: Wear course was experimental analyzed and mechanism of electrode wear was discussed based on finite element analysis and electromagnetic...

Authors: Shu Wen Zhou, Hai Shu Chen, Si Qi Zhang, Li Xin Guo

Abstract: Rollover and jack-knifing of tractor semitrailer on high speed obstacle avoidance under emergency are serious threats for motorists. A...

Authors: Bo Di Cui, Jian Liang Guo

Abstract: Accurate predictive modeling is an essential prerequisite for optimization and control of production in modern manufacturing environments....


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