Advances in Engineering Design and Optimization

Volumes 37-38

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jing Hua Zhao, Shu Min Wan, Shuang Yi Li

Abstract: In this paper, the technology of self-piercing riveting (SPR) with half-hollow rivets was investigated using experiments and numerical...

Authors: Wen Bin Hou, Hong Zhe Zhang, Ping Hu, Xing Chen Pan

Abstract: The simulation of joint is pivotal for car body structural analysis in concept design phase. The detail simulation method was implemented by...

Authors: Jian Yu Bai, Senlin Tong, Zai He Yu, Di Zheng

Abstract: It is frequently reported by customers that the lower-left and lower-right wheels in the load fork mechanism of a kind of forward-type...

Authors: Shun Bo Zhao, Song Wei Pei, Yang Wei Wang, Xi Jian Liang

Abstract: Combined with the structural design of left-shore drainage aqueducts in China South-to-north Water Transfer Project, the structure of...

Authors: Jiang Min Ding, Chong Su

Abstract: This paper presents a new manufacturing technology for machine tool beds, which is composed of high stiffness epoxy concrete structure faces...

Authors: Jin Zhan Su, Zong De Fang

Abstract: A fourth order transmission error was employed to improve the stability and tooth strength of circular-arc curvilinear cylindrical gears....

Authors: Kang Wang, Xiao Tao Wang, Min Qu, Xiao Dong Chen

Abstract: The mechanical analysis of a novel plywood formwork structure with steel frame was studied with finite element method systematically. By...

Authors: Shi Quan Zhou, Zhen Guo Peng

Abstract: The basic feasibility of laser fusion welding for prefabrication and assembly of zinc-coated sheet steel auto body components has been...

Authors: Tao Yu, Ke Dong, Su Yu Wang, Yu Xia Qian

Abstract: Gear honing with globoid honing worms is seldom used because it has no distinct advantages to honing with internal geared honing rings. The...

Authors: Zong Tao Wang, Jin Long Chen, Ri Cao Wang

Abstract: The initiation, propagation and broadening of crazes in polycarbonate were studied with the aid of polarizing microscopy. A loading...


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