Advances in Engineering Design and Optimization

Volumes 37-38

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xian Fu Cheng

Abstract: For multi-attribute decision making problems including quantitative and fuzzy criteria, a new method with incomplete information for...

Authors: Xue Fei Tang, Wei He

Abstract: The NC-electrochemical contour evolution machining for globoidal indexing cam was proposed. The principle of electrochemical machining with...

Authors: Zhi Hong Sun, Chao Chen, Hong Bo Shan, Shen Hua Zhou

Abstract: Failures or defects in a product will influence its quality a lot. Reducing or eliminating failures and defects in product design phase is...

Authors: Shao Feng Yang, Wei Ping Chen, Meng Yan Han, De Zhi Zhu

Abstract: The preparation of Ni-doping alumina foams as precursors for MMCs (Metal Matrix Composites) fabrication was studied. Alumina foams were...

Authors: Jian Xing Zhou, Geng Liu, Shang Jun Ma

Abstract: The dynamic model of the gear transmission system is built in consideration of the time-varying mesh stiffness and the gear errors. Then the...

Authors: Ya Qin Tian, Qing Xue Huang, Jin Bao Li

Abstract: The biggest straightening force is one of the important parameters and has an important influence to straightening effect in the...

Authors: Xun Lv, Ju Long Yuan, Chong Da Lu

Abstract: Semi-fixed abrasive plate (SFAP) lapping is an effective ultra-precision lapping method. It can efficiently obtain good surface quality in...

Authors: Cong Ming Yan, You Xi Lin

Abstract: Improvements in manufacturing technologies require better modeling and simulation of metal cutting processes. A fully thermal-mechanical...

Authors: Chuan Shao Liu, Jiang Wei Cheng, Jian Xin Zheng

Abstract: The gas velocity and particle velocity in and out of the nozzle have great influence on the coating effect in the process of cold spray. An...

Authors: Gao Chun Xu, Qing Xi Hu, Li Min Li, Chun Xiang Dai

Abstract: Based on control equations in fluid dynamics, the main thought of oil mist process for cold heading machine is proposed according to the...


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